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Master Liver Flush

Master Liver/Gallbladder Flush (Hulda Clark Protocol)


Epsom Salts (4 tbsp)

Olive Oil (light and “buttery” olive oil will be less acidic, causing less nausea)

Organic Pink Grapefruit (2-3)

Lemon (to add to Epsom salt drinks if desired)

Pint Jar with lid


Flush Instructions

If this is your first time doing a flush, do it on a weekend or a day you don’t have to go to work or have many commitments the next day.

Take no pills or vitamins you can do without on day of the flush.  (I recommend taking minerals: calcium, potassium, magnesium) and fresh fruit juices to keep your electrolytes balanced.

Eat a no fat/no animal protein breakfast and lunch, such as oatmeal with honey, fruit, salad with lemon dressing, rice pasta with veggie and tomato sauce.  This allows the bile pressure to build up which will release more stones.  Limit the amount you eat to the minimum you think you can get by on.  The earlier you stop eating the better your results will be.  Stop eating completely no later than 2 pm on the day of the flush.   


2 pm      Do not eat or drink anything but water after 2 pm

    Prepare 4 tbsp Epsom salts in 3 cups water and pour this into a jar

              or cup with a lid.

              Squeeze in lemon if desired.


6 pm     Drink ¾ cup of the Epsom salt mixture

    Get the olive oil and grapefruits out to warm up


8 pm     Drink another ¾ cup of Epsom salt mixture

    Get bedtime chores done as you must be ready to lie down at 10



945 pm   Pour ½ cup olive oil into pint jar

    Squeeze the juice out of grapefruit until you have ½ - ¾ cup

               Add to the olive oil, close lid on jar and shake until mixture is

    emulsified.  Visit bathroom one last time.


10 pm   Drink the olive oil/grapefruit juice potion. 
   Lie down immediately. 

             This will help get more stones out.

             Lie flat on your back with your head high up on pillow.  Try to keep

             perfectly still for at least 20 minutes.


Next morning:  Upon awakening take your 3rd dose of Epsom salts (3/4 cup)

            If you have access to it, take 6 Capsules of Premier

                         Research Labs Biliven product to further open bile ducts.

2 hours later:   Take final dose of Epsom salt mixture


2 Hours later:  You may have fruit juice. 


½ hour later:   You may eat fruit. 


1 hour later:    You may eat but keep it light (light salad, etc)


Alternative Schedule 1:

Omit first dose of Epsom salts (6 pm first day) and change nothing else.  Many people will still get stones out this way. Perhaps if this is your first time and you are a highly sensitive individual. (Vatta Body Types).

Alternative Schedule 2:

Add ½ tsp of citric acid to the olive oil mixture.  Stir until dissolved.

The next morning, add another ½ tsp of citric acid to the fruit juice you drink when done with the Epsom salts.  This may help get more stones out.

Alternative Schedule 3:

For brain and spinal cord cancers, avoid grapefruit.  Use Apples instead (red or golden delicious).   Strain to get ½ cup juice.  Add ½ tsp citric acid to oil/juice mixture.


If you DON’T get stones:

Use slightly LESS water with Epsom salt mixture (2/3 cup per tbsp. of Epsom salts rather than ¾ cup).  Add in the 4th dose of Epsom salts if you omitted 1 on the first night.




Rachel Lazenby, CNC

Download the recipe below: 


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