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Food Recommendations & Guidelines


Eat High Quality Meats:

Wild caught fish (Alaskan or Atlantic) (good source for wild caught fish from   Alaska)

Grass Fed Red Meats only (bison, lamb, elk, venison, grass fed beef)

Wild red meats have the best cholesterol profile of the red meats and are

The best blood builders
(lamb, bison, venison, and elk)

Only cook red meats to medium-rare


Since poultry is cold-blooded, it can harbor disease in tissue

Chicken is preferred over turkey

Consume organic cage-free air-chilled poultry only



Eat only organic if possible, especially with thin skinned produce (berries)

Eat most fruits (other than berries) in the afternoon (3-4 pm)

Peel all apples (even organic apples are waxed)


Fermented Food: Eat ¼ - ½ cup per day (options listed below):

Kefir (Organic Pastures Raw, Sprouts or CoOp in Santa Monica )

Coconut Kefir

Miso Soup (msg free)

Kimchee (Farmhouse brand)

Raw fermented sauerkraut (Farmhouse brand is good)

*note: for individuals with leaky gut dairy options are less desirable


Eliminate Problematic Starches:


Corn and any corn product including popcorn

Flax seeds

Chia seeds


Substitute more “gut friendly” starches:

Organic Brown rice (soak overnight before cooking if possible or ferment)
Organic Brown rice wraps (Food For Life Brand)
Purple Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Purple Yams


Eat very low glycemic breakfast…some options are:

Eggs with spinach and olive oil (cage-free organic eggs only, do not cook yolks)

Breakfast sausage (Applegate Farms Organics is a good brand)

Berries with Kefir (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)

     *avoid adding honey to yogurt or kefir as it kills the probiotics.

         Other sweetener options:  stevia, xylitol, raw cane sugar, molasses,

                                                   Organic maple syrup

Steel Cut Oatmeal* w/ honey and berries and raw cream

     *Bob’s Red Mill brand

Breakfast wraps (see sample recipe below)


Incorporate Raw Fats

Raw fats will melt fat off the body and pull toxins out of the body

Raw Fats List:
Coconut Meat
Olive Oil (cold pressed)
Flax Oil
Sesame oil
Coconut oil
Raw nuts (sprouted preferred)
Raw nut butters (no peanuts or peanut butter)
Raw butter (Organic Pastures – Sprouts or CoOp)
Raw cream (Claravelle – Sprouts or CoOP)
Raw Aged Cheese (Landmark or Alta Dena)
Raw Meats (carpaccio)
Raw fish (sashimi, sushi)
*can be high in heavy metals, watch consumption levels
(use this link for mercury levels of each)





Food Timing

Eating between 12 and 6 (intermittent fasting will put body into fat burning mode)

*can only be done if eating adequately during these hours, not fighting a chronic illness, not recovering from an injury or surgery and sleep is adequate.

Lunch should be largest meal of the day, as well as highest starch content

*this helps control cravings later in the evening

Dinner no later than 7 pm

(to allow the body ideal time to digest food before going to bed).





Breakfast Wrap

Organic Brown rice wrap (Food For Life Brand)

2 eggs sunny side up (Organic cage-free eggs)

3 slices raw aged cheese (Alta Dena or Landmark are good options)

Chicken, or other meat of choice if desired

¼ can organic fat free refried beans (Bearitos Brand)

     *note always use fat free refried beans to avoid rancid oils

Onion, salsa, avocado, olive oil, romaine lettuce


Put cheese and meat on ½ of top side of wrap

Refried beans on the other ½ of top of wrap

Warm in skillet on stove (cover with lid) just until cheese melts

Remove from heat, add romaine lettuce, olive oil, pink salt, salsa and avocado to taste


High Protein Lunch or Dinner Meat dish:

Grilled bison steak, cubed *rare to medium rare

Avocado, 1/2 cubed

Raw, aged cheese, cubed 1/4 cup

Salsa or chopped onion

Sea salt

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, enjoy!

*sub meats from list below for variety

**Add a high fiber slow release starch at lunch such as organic brown rice, sweet potato, or purple




Bone Marrow base Lentil Soup

5 or 6 Bone marrow bones

Add filtered water and sea salt (2 tbsp) to cover bones, simmer 4-5 hours

Take bones out

Add 4 chopped carrots, 4 chopped celery stalks
1/3 onion, diced
2 bulbs chopped garlic

Turmeric to taste

Lentils 2 cups (prior rinsed and soaked for at least 1 hour)

Simmer 2-3 hours until lentils are soft

*add diced meat for a bit more protein, see list below


Homemade Chicken Soup

Use 3-6 cage-free air-chilled chicken legs (depending on how many people you are serving) *Mary’s is a good brand

2 tbsp sea salt

1 tbsp turmeric

Simmer chicken legs, salt and turmeric in filtered water for 3-4 hours

Take out bones

Add diced carrot, celery, onion and garlic

*Cooked brown rice may be added if you like, or lentils (always soak lentils and rice prior to cooking, lentils 1 hour, rice overnight if possible)

Simmer another hour with vegetables added


Excellent high protein, high iron meat choices:

Grass fed bison
Grass fed beef
Wild Salmon (Alaskan)
*Grill red meats so they are rare to medium rare on the inside to preserve enzymes, iron and to make them easier to digest.




Sample Smoothie Recipe (best eaten in afternoon 3-4 pm)

Sweetener:  Fruit of choice (berries, banana, peaches, mango)
           Raw honey (PRL Canadian Gold Honey – whipped honey)
Other options: Xylitol, Stevia, raw cane sugar, organic maple syrup
Fermented food: Kefir (plain, raw cow or goat kefir; coconut kefir)
            Coconut Yogurt (New Earth brand is a great raw option)
Raw Fat Options (pick one):
Flax oil, coconut oil, coconut meat, EFA oil or EPA/DHA oil (PRL brand),       avocado, egg yolk
Protein: Almonds (or other raw nuts), egg whites, protein powder
   (vegetable protein powder is best), free-form amino acid powder
Minerals: Sea Salt ¼ - ½ tsp
      Greens of choice (spinach, kale, etc.)
Spices: Cinnamon (controls sugar response – Vietnamese Cinnamon is best)
              Cardamom (great for digestion, oral health, bladder)
Liquid: Add filtered water or coconut water to desired consistency



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