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I wanted to thank you so much for helping my friend in Oklahoma.  He was in much physical pain when he arrived in Oklahoma. After your suggestions - he is 100% better.  Thank you. - Emi E.

Note from Rachel regarding this case: This gentleman was referred to me by a longstanding client.  I spoke with his mother.  Her son was suffering from what appeared to be neuropathy in his hands and feet after a cross-country road trip.  I gave him 3 products:  DHA, at a high dose to control acute inflammation; Circuzyme, a product that dilates peripheral blood vessels; and magnesium glycinate.  I was thrilled to get this follow up email from my existing client, on their behalf.

This year I lost 6 pounds.  My cholesterol levels returned to normal without taking drugs. In addition, thyroid function has returned to normal after previously having Graves disease. Per your guidance, in May 2016 all of the silver fillings and decay were removed from my mouth. 2 temporary crowns were replaced.  June 2016 permanent crowns were placed along with 2 lower teeth to correct my bite and alignment. The doctor said my blood pressure is good however I am still on meds for my blood pressure.  Doctor is pleased with my overall health. Thank you! - Kristy B.

It is really hard to believe how much better I feel since I saw you less than two weeks ago. As I told you, my sleep improved within 3 days and my Prostate problems are getting better day by day. I can urinate without too many problems after I sleep for 4 or 5 hours or take a nap. After our visit I stated mud packing and then quit until I got the new way with the Aloe Detox. I started again today with the kidneys and then the rest every two days until done. As you can tell I'm very happy to be able to sleep for over 4 hours a night and be able to pee without massaging my prostate. All due to your QRA Skills and the herbs you gave me. Believe this or not, even my Racquetball Game has gotten better in the last two weeks, my right arm is stronger, about 60%. Yet I'm pretty much pain free…The best of all is my mind skills on the court have improved, I can focus more. Not quite sure how that happened, perhaps more sleep, DHA ? Or whatever happened I know it was because of YOUR help. No other way to explain it, just no other way. Thank You so much for your help. - Felix R.

Here's the update on my hands and rash. Hands:  Only a few cracks in the skin the past month. A few deep ones, but currently just small ones that didn't get deep. Also, the intense itching and red "bubbly" skin is gone. After about 2 months of intense itching on my chest, upper/lower back, right arm pit, between my legs/tailbone--all has quieted down as far as itching except the tailbone area. Waking up in middle of night: I finally am able to sleep through the night without waking up to void my bladder. It's been wonderful to sleep through the night again.Thank you for all your help!!! I think I will not only survive, but thrive! Blessings on you and your family! - Jeanne D.

I appreciate your help with my health issues. My lungs are better. I dumped both of my inhalers. I no longer have low iron levels. My digestion is better but has a long way to go. I appreciate your help! - Annie 

I’m writing to share with you my wonderful experiences taking Premier Research Labs products. There was a time when I was tired much of the time, feeling run down, and my thyroid tested low. I was taking prescribed medication, which didn’t seem to help enough. I visited you Rachel and after testing me, you advised me to take some Xeno Stat, Green Tea-ND, Max Stress B, and digestive supplements. After a couple of months, I was able to get off the thyroid medication and I felt better and I had more energy. This was couple of years ago now, and I’m happy to say that I’m still not taking prescribed medication for my thyroid and the lab tests are normal. Just recently as I’m approaching menopausal age, I began having hot flashes day and night despite the fact that I was taking a prescribed Progesterone and using the Gesterone cream. I felt beside myself and didn’t know what to do next, so I called the Premier Center in Santa Monica and was advised to increase the Xeno Stat to 10 caps per day for a period of time along with a couple of other suggestions.  Within 2 nights, I was sleeping much better and the hot flashes stopped completely within that same week. That was a great relief that changed my life. I cannot say enough about watching our body's pH balance also. I take Premier Research Labs Coral Calcium, Greens Mix and D3 Serum. That keeps my body "in the green,” and many times last year while traveling, I came in contact with people who were coughing with bad colds. I didn’t catch one cold from anyone. "Back in the day” before I began to take these wonderful products and to check my pH, I would catch most sicknesses that I was around. PRL products have been a blessing to me and my family. I also want to say that it’s huge when you can fully trust the products you’re taking. I am able to trust PRL products 100%. - Sharon B.

The food plan you have put me on is amazing. I am doing so much better now that I have introduced healthy fats and red meat back into my diet. My anemia has improved and I have far less bruising on my legs than before. The magnesium is improving my relaxation and sleep! I am looking forward to trying additional products. - Breanna H.

​ I am so glad I met Rachel! She has helped me tremendously with my health. When I first met Rachel I told her my story and how I would really like to become pregnant, but was having difficulty conceiving. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year when I decided to visit Rachel at the Premier Center. I had struggled with various hormone issues in the past and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s several years before. Rachel was able to address these issues and find the areas where my body was lacking nutrients. Within just a few months of meeting with Rachel I was pregnant! I knew beyond a doubt that the protocol and nutrition guidelines Rachel provided me was the reason to why I conceived. Throughout my pregnancy I have never felt better! I never had morning sickness, I had great energy and I still exercise daily. I feel healthy, happy and know my baby is getting the right nutrients to grow and develop into a happy and healthy baby. Rachel is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable! I am so blessed to have her working with me and my family. I have since referred other family members and continue referring friends. I hope others can see how fulfilling life can be when you get the right treatment and work with a caring practitioner like Rachel. Thank you so much Rachel, we are so grateful for you! - Angela D.